Dream of: 08 September 1984 "Lawyer Street"

My father-in-law had come to visit my wife and me at our house. I walked into the bedroom and on the bed found some shirts which I had recently washed and had left in my wife's large white car. Apparently she had carried the shirts inside and laid them on the bed. My father-in-law a decrepit, old man was lying on the bed, maybe even on the shirts. I walked over and began picking up the shirts. The top shirt (my long-sleeved, light-green shirt) was wet from the perspiration of the old man. It stunk. The next shirt was my light-pink shirt, and it likewise was wet.

I carried the shirts to the closet and hung them up with some room between them so they could dry. I walked back to the bed, picked up a separate bunch of my suit jackets, and likewise took them back to the closet. I was rather perturbed the old man had lain down on my shirts like that.

I walked outside to look for my wife, who was a couple blocks away. Out on the street, I realized we were in Patriot. I walked down to Post Office, and found my wife standing not far from her car. She was a beautiful woman, like someone I had seen in a movie. She was tall and slender, and had long, black, curly hair. Her teeth were white and her face was radiant. We hadn't been married long and I could hardly believe she was actually my wife. As I continued watching her, I boarded her car and sat down. Finally I asked her if she knew about my shirts, and she told me she had carried them into the house. I said, "Your father laid down on them and got sweat all over them."

She replied, "Well part of that might have been mildew."

She said the shirts had been in the car a few days and had begun to mildew. I told her I was sure that mildew wasn't the problem. My temper was beginning to rise somewhat, but I decided not to pursue the matter any further. Instead I said, "Well you sure are looking good. Yes, you're looking beautiful."

Obviously pleased, she smiled broadly. She was wearing a long white dress, which she appeared to be changing. Standing outside the car, she took off the bottom part of the dress so only the top was left on. I could see her white panties and long slender legs. She then somehow turned the top part of the dress down, converting it into a blue dress.

I wanted to be with her, but she began walking away from the car. When she was about a half block away, I hollered out to her, but she just continued on. I thought she was going to go see Madelyn Saunders. I realized she even looked somewhat like Madelyn. I asked where she was going, and was rather surprised when she said she was going to see Kay. Realizing she was referring to my father's ex-wife, Kay, I asked her where Kay was. She told me Kay lived on Lawyer Street. I said, "Maybe I'd like to go, too."

When she said I couldn't go with her, I hollered, "I'll see you later, bitch."

After I heard her holler something back to me, I picked up a white sack (which contained some of my belongings) from the car. As I walked away from the car, I heard my wife holler at me two or three times. It sounded as if she were saying she was coming back to where I was, but I quickly walked around a house so she couldn't see me. The house was two doors down from the House in Patriot. I sat down on the back steps. It looked as if the back door was open, and I thought if the woman who lived in the house came out, I would just tell her who I was and that I was just resting for a moment.

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