Dream of: 03 September 1984 "Vacation In The Park"

I was riding on the right side of the back seat of my father's Volkswagen Rabbit. My father was driving and my mother was sitting in the front passenger seat. With me in the back seat was a white rabbit, as well as some of my clothes, which were piled up on the left side of the seat. We were on a vacation and we arrived at a park which had a lake nestled among some small hills. We decided we would camp there.

When we pulled up to the gate of the park, a park ranger stepped up and said, "Oh you have a rabbit."

I said, "Yes."

I thought perhaps no pets were allowed in the park and the ranger wouldn't let the rabbit in, but the ranger stuck his hand through the car window and began petting the rabbit under its chin. When the ranger began rummaging through some of my clothes and shirts, I said, "Well, those are just some of my clothes."

Since I had more clothes than I would really need for staying in the park, I said, "They're not just for staying in the park."

When the ranger said nothing else, we drove on into the park. I was still worried about the rabbit, afraid some dogs in the park might get it, especially when I saw that the park was quite crowded and that some dogs were also here. I told my father about my concerns, and he told me not to worry. He said the dogs were probably trained to play with other dogs. Deciding I would just have to keep my eye on the rabbit, I said, "But this is a rabbit. They might not just play with it."

Although quite a few picnic tables were in the park, people were sitting at most. On a small rise above the lake were three picnic tables one empty. My father pulled up to it. Down below I noticed one empty picnic table by itself, with a small swing beside it, and I said, "Well, why don't we go down to that one?"

My father pulled over to the edge of the hill to look down at the table. Although the hill was grassy all the way down, it was quite steep. It looked as if my father were going to try to drive straight down the side of the steep hill, and I said, "No, don't go down that."

He drove straight down the hill. I was afraid the car would turn over, but we made it to the bottom. My mother began talking and said she thought she would go into town for a while. I didn't see any reason for her to go to town, but apparently she didn't like being around so many people there at the park.

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