Dream of: 30 August 1984 "Crowded Apartment"

I was living in a small, crowded, three-room apartment with a black man, who was my father, and a black woman, who was my step-mother and who had only recently married my father. A child was also in the house. I was quite disgusted with the situation here. It was Sunday afternoon and I was in the kitchen cleaning off some dried coffee or pop which someone had spilled on the back of the sink. It had been there for a long time and was hard to take off.

After finishing, I walked into the living room where my father was. He informed me that I was going to have to stay in the house this afternoon and take care of the child, because my step-mother was going to begin working this afternoon. I became enraged and said, "No. Absolutely not."

My step-mother, wearing a blue, cotton dress which fell below her knees, walked into the room. I adamantly continued, "No. No. I absolutely will not baby-sit it the afternoons."

They were likewise adamant that I was going to baby-sit. I said, "Well, I'll move out first."

They said that would be fine. I said, "Ill move out right now."

I began gathering together my things and stacking up some magazines which I had here. My step-mother seemed quite happy that I was moving out. Enraged because she was so happy that I was leaving, I walked over to her and shoved her. I hadn't meant to push her hard, but I had, and she fell down against the wall. But she wasn't hurt and was smiling. I walked over to her and said, "You whore, bitch."

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