Dream of: 29 August 1984 "No Heaven"

As I was walking around in Columbus next to The Ohio State University, a parade was coming down the street, and I stood watching it for a few minutes. In the parade was a gang of about 20 rough-looking youths wearing blue jeans jackets. They had tied one fellow's hands with a rope and were pulling him along. I had seen a similar exhibition earlier in the day. The fellow obviously wanted to be free. I was rather disturbed by his being tied up and pulled around like that; there was something terribly wrong with that.

I decided to go to the university's administration building and voice my dismay. I found out where the administration building was it seemed to be where the law school was. I entered the building and walked around. It seemed to be a Sunday; no one was there. Finally I saw a man (about 40 years old) sitting in a classroom; thinking he might be able to help me, I walked in. He was sitting in a chair in the back of the room.

I began explaining to him what I had seen. He listened and as I talked, the room began filling up with students. I quickly completed what I was saying; I didn't want to talk in front of a lot of other people. Suddenly I realized the man wasn't an administrator at all, but just another student attending school here. He did point out that something similar to the incident I had witnessed in the street had happened 20 years ago; he showed me a place in a book where the incident had been documented. I thought, "Well, it'll probably just pass then."

The classroom had completely filled up. I walked out into the hall; a man was sitting there. He was wearing a white tee shirt and a short white robe something like a hospital gown. He appeared to be injured. He was the professor; but apparently he didn't want to enter the classroom. So he began lecturing from the hall, near the door in the back of the classroom.

I stood listening to him for a few minutes. He was sitting on some steps; it looked as if his gown was open so his pubic area could be seen I didn't pay much attention.

I left and walked back out onto the street. I needed someplace to stay; I was either going to have to look for a motel or call one of my old friends, Randy Ramey or Steve Buckner: they both lived near campus. I remembered the large corner-house where Randy used to live. I didn't think he still lived there, but I thought I might walk by just to see.

I decided to try to call first; I walked to a phone booth and found Steve's name in the phone book. I then found a machine and put some money in it; two quarters came back out of the machine. I looked down the street, saw another phone and walked to it. I put a quarter in and tried to call Steve; but no one answered.

When my quarter came back out, I looked at it; it was a silver 1932 quarter. I looked at the other quarter I had gotten from the machine; it was also silver. I knew the quarters were worth a lot of money and I thought, "I've got to go back to those machines to see if I can get some more silver quarters."

As I walked back in that direction, I saw an accident about 30 meters from me: a car clipped another car. The car which had been hit veered toward me. I stepped to the side and it passed me. It then ran into another car in another direction. A chain reaction of cars hitting each other one after the other followed. The wrecks continued up the streets until about twenty cars were involved in the massive collision.

I was standing next to a wall; the last car which had been hit came racing toward me. I waited until the last minute and then jumped straight up into the air. The car crashed into the wall and I landed on the car's hood. I jumped off the hood. The fellow driving the car stepped from the car and looked at me, amazed that I had been able to time my jump so I wouldn't be squashed against the wall.

I walked on and found an auditorium where a movie was going to be taking place. Apparently the movie was free for students. I walked in and sat down on the right side. I had the feeling some people who knew me were in the auditorium. The movie began and I watched it.

The movie was about a fellow who was a bit retarded. He lived on a quiet residential street. He had had a wreck and another fellow, who reminded me very much of myself, had been walking down the street, and somehow the fellow who seemed like me had been implicated in the wreck, although he hadn't been at all at fault.

The retarded fellow was the one who was actually to blame for the wreck. It soon become clear to the fellow who seemed like me that the other fellow had had the wreck; the wreck had occurred because the other fellow (the retarded fellow) had been trying to protect the property line where the grass was growing on his property. The fellow who seemed like me began looking at the grass line.

As I watched the movie, the auditorium was filling up. I was wearing a green corduroy jacket which looked rather shabby. I thought that I looked miserly and that the other people there would think I was poor. That didn't bother me, however, because even though I was materially rather poor, I felt I was much better off than most of the people. I was happy with myself and what I was doing. It was interesting that I could be poor and still be happy, while many of these people had much money but were still miserable.

Two girls whom I recognized walked in and sat down in front of me. One reminded me somewhat of Sally (whom I first met in 1967 when we were in the tenth grade together). I knew them quite well. I leaned over the seat and began talking to them. My face was very close to the girl who reminded me of Sally. She was wearing red lipstick and I felt attracted to her.

As we talked she made the statement, "If there is no heaven."

I said something like, "Yes you think 'if there is no heaven' because you think there is no heaven."

The other girl stood and left. The girl I was talking to said, "No, I didn't say that."

I said, "No, you think there is no heaven."

She protested she hadn't said that. Finally I said, "You're right. I twisted your words."

Our lips were so close together, they actually touched at one point while we were talking. I could tell she rather liked me, but she didn't want to let herself become attracted to me.

I wanted to show her something I could do. I stood up, walked down the aisle and out the back door. I thought she could still see me. I began running and jumped up into the air: I wanted to show her how I could hop. I could go very high when I hopped; I hopped up beyond the telephone wires.

When I hopped high like that and became airborne, however, I was unable to control my motion well. I also became rather dizzy when I was up that high. I looked down; when I saw I was far above the phone lines, I became concerned about landing; I wasn't very good at coming back down.

I floated around and had virtually no control of the situation. Nevertheless, I was finally able to float back down and land a rather rough landing. After I had landed I stood wondering whether I had impressed the girls with my flying abilities.

Louise came running across the street. She vaguely reminded me of Vickie, but she was definitely Louise. She was wearing a black and white striped sleeveless tee shirt and tennis shoes. She looked in excellent health. She exuded a healthy sense and seemed physically fit and attractive. She began doing some leg bends and exercises. Apparently she wanted to run with me.

Three homely-looking fellows were standing nearby watching Louise. They said something which I didn't understand.

I wanted to continue hopping along and flying. Louise said she did too.

She was extremely attractive; her figure was so well-proportioned. The attraction wasn't so much sexual; I was simply admiring her beauty.

Suddenly she took off running; I was amazed by how fast she was going. But she wasn't going in the same direction I had wanted to go. I had wanted to go hopping down the other direction, but she ran as fast as she could up a different street.

I debated what to do. I was uncertain she knew just how well I could hop. If I were going to go with her, I would apparently have to hop along in the direction she was going. She was running so fast, I was unsure I could even catch her.

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