Dream of: 27 August 1984 (2) "Fiery Smokey Figure"

While Louise and I were traveling on a train, we watched a movie being shown on a screen on the train. The movie was about a man and woman who had stolen some money from a school and then had gone to a beach to camp out. Someone from the school followed them and found them at the beach. The man with the woman saw and killed the man following them. He and the woman then buried the man in some sand at the bottom of an embankment of sand on the beach.

That night the man and woman slept at the bottom of the embankment close to where they had buried the man. During the night they awoke, looked up at the top of the embankment and saw a fiery smoky figure of a man. The large frightening figure began talking and appeared to be the spirit of the man who had been killed. He said he had come to get the man who had killed him.

When the movie had begun, Louise and I had been sitting next to each other; but in the course of the movie we had moved apart into different seats. When the movie ended, Louise was sitting on one side of the train and I was on the other.

The fellow who had played the part of the murderer in the movie walked into our car. He was a tall thin attractive fellow with slicked-back black hair. He sat down in a chair from which he could look out the window. Louise walked over and sat down one chair away from him and they began talking. They were right in front of me and I could clearly hear what they were saying. She said she thought that was the best movie she had ever seen in her life. She reached over and put his arm on the back of her chair. Then she looked back at me. I could tell she was trying to make me jealous.

She was dressed up, wearing red lipstick, and looked quite attractive. She continued trying to make me jealous by talking about how much she had liked the movie.

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