Dream of: 20 August 1984 "Acting Like Fathers"

I was standing at one end of what appeared to be a gymnasium with several young people in it. They went out into the center of the gym and began going around in a circle in an intricate couple dance which seemed to be a mixture of ballet and folk dancing. I thought I would like to do the dance myself, but I wasn't quite sure how to do it.

I looked around the room and noticed behind me what appeared to be a theater marquis, and on it was a man putting up some letters. He had already spelled the word "Papa's" and was putting the letters to another word behind it. I thought it was probably the advertisement for a pizza parlor.

I thought about going over and helping the man, but I then encountered Anderson, with whom I began talking. I told him I was thinking of moving to Florida, perhaps Miami. He said he knew of a nice beach there called California Beach. I began trying to persuade Anderson to go to Florida with me, pointing out how good it would be to get out of Portsmouth, where we were.

Anderson began telling me of some kind of meeting he was going to where all the children would act like their fathers. I thought, "Well, if I went I would have to pretend I was a Realtor like my father."

But I wasn't really interested in the acting, and went on to explain to Anderson about Miami. I thought it would be interesting to be in Miami because so many Spanish-speaking people lived there. I even considered not even stopping in Miami, and continuing on to Puerto Rico.

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