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Dream of: 19 August 1984 "Conscience"

I was taking a class in which I had to take a spelling test the next day, and I began thinking about some of the words which were going to be on the exam. Although I didn't know what the words were going to be, I decided to try thinking of the most difficult words I could think of to spell, and spell them in my mind.

The first word I thought of was "conscience." Then I thought of "conscientious," "surreptitiously," and "egalitarian," and I spelled each word as I thought of it. I began looking around for a spelling book which I knew I had somewhere, and saw there in the room two big, old fashioned bathtubs, one stacked up on top of the other. There was enough space in between the bathtubs so I could see into the lower one. Several books were stacked up in one end of the lower tub, some standing up, some lying flat. Thinking my spelling book might be in there, I began looking through the books. Although I didn't see my spelling book, among them I thought I saw a book I had been reading by David Hume entitled An Inquiry Concerning the Nature of Human Understanding, but I was unsure, because I thought I had left that book somewhere else.

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