Dream of: 16 August 1984 (2) "Rage"

Louise and I were going to a movie. We pulled into a parking lot, got out of the car and began walking through some cars. Louise suddenly became angry about something and threw her purse across the parking lot in a rage. She began throwing other things and stomping around. I stood aghast as she ran among the cars in the parking lot.

I saw some other people nearby, including two small boys (each about 10 years old). My view was obstructed by the cars, but it looked as if one of the little boys grabbed Louise. Another fellow who was probably in his early thirties was also there and it looked as if he grabbed her, too. I raced over toward them and said, "Leave her alone."

They let her go and she began running toward me. She passed me; the other fellow there walked toward me and said, "Well, I wasn't going to bother her. I just thought there might be something wrong with her."

I said something like, "With her you never can tell."

The fellow, who was my height and rather overweight, walked closer to me. He had blond hair. He was acting friendly, but I didn't know whether he was going to give me any trouble. Suddenly he slung his fist at me. I blocked it and then backed away. I contemplated whether I should strike back or just run away. Louise was safely behind me so I didn't need to be concerned for her safety.

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