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Dream of: 14 August 1984 "Walking the Dog"

Jon had given me a German Sheppard similar to his dog Po. My father, my mother and I then went to the Ohio University, Athens, and were walking the dog around the campus. A lot of other people were also walking around. Although the dog didn't have a collar and wasn't used to walking around people, he was still doing a fairly good job. He would stay close to me when I called him. I hadn't had him long enough to give him a name, but I began calling him Max. He quickly picked up on the name and when I called him Max, he would run back to me.

As we continued walking, a large, black dog ran up toward Max. Max became frightened and ran back to me. But the black dog was friendly and didn't want to fight with Max.

As I continued walking I thought I might sometimes call the dog "Maxwell."

The black dog went away but then came back again. Max was still afraid and stayed close to me. Finally the black dog come right up next to Max, and I could tell the black dog didn't want to hurt Max.

As we began walking down some stairs, a woman walked up to me on my left and touched my arm with her hand as if to hold me back from getting in between the two dogs. I was somewhat offended by her action, but I didn't say anything. I walked on down the steps and across the street. No cars were in the street and Max began running around in the street. He jumped around and was obviously very happy. Finally we reached my 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit and got in it. We got ready to leave.

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