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Dream of: 10 August 1984 (4) "Divorced"

Birdie and I were lying on a bed together in an upstairs bedroom of a large house. She had just obtained a divorce from me, and although I wanted to have sex with her, she refused. So finally I rose, walked out into the hall and walked around the house a while. I walked downstairs, where in one of the rooms I found a store owned by my second-cousin Jeff. The store was getting ready to close as I walked in, but I was still able to get a couple candy bars (the square kind with nuts and raisins). But I felt guilty about it, because I took the candy without paying for it.

I walked out of the store and went back up to where Birdie was. I found her lying naked on the bed with her legs hanging over the edge. I thought I would just cover her up and leave her there. Actually, I thought our not having sex constituted an improvement. It would have probably not been any good since we were now divorced. I began pulling the blanket over her because I thought she might get cold when she awoke.

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