Dream of: 10 August 1984 (2) "Prison Life"

I was in Portsmouth where I was arrested and put in prison with about 10 other men. I wasn't very upset about being in prison and I thought I would only be here a few months. I was wearing some gray clothes. At first we were all in one large room, but then were transferred out to another large room in another building. We each had our own bed to sleep on. I began thinking since I had been to law school, I might be able to find a lawyer, or even a couple lawyers to work for. Even while I was in prison I could use the library here and do research for them. They might even defend me in court when my case came up. I thought I might work for two or three of the best lawyers in town, and then I could decide which one I actually wanted to defend me.

One day someone came into the room and lined us up to take us out. All of us got in line. We all had identification which we had to show to leave. I had an identification card with my picture on it, but I had covered my picture with a sticker which I had been given. I was probably going to have to take the sticker off, I thought.

As we marched out of the building, I realized one of my shoes was untied, and I stopped to tie it. On my left foot I was wearing a black tennis shoe, and on my right foot I was wearing a blue tennis shoe. I also had a third black shoe which I was carrying with me.

After tying my shoe, I looked up and saw that the others had already gone across a large field, and that they had apparently gone into one of the many nearby buildings. I couldn't tell exactly where they had gone. I could see a large courthouse on the other side of the field. I began running toward the courthouse, and on the way I thought how it wasn't that bad in this prison. At least we were able to get out here and walk around, unlike what it had been like when I had been in jail in Iran. I still would have liked to have been free. I reached the courthouse and ran up a thick stone balcony along the steps. When I reached the top, I looked around and saw a man I knew. He knew I was in prison and he asked me how I was doing. I said, "Oh, it's not that bad. It's a lot better than ...."

I stopped before completing the sentence. I had been going to say, .".. than it was in Iran," but I thought, "Well I better not say anything about having been in prison in Iran." Instead I said, "Its a lot better than it could have been."

We talked a short while longer.

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