Dream of: 07 August 1984 "Discontinued Studies"

I had returned to Portsmouth and was attending what seemed like a high school, but which seemed to be located at Shawnee State University. I had been attending school for several months, and had fallen behind in my studies in several courses, particularly physics and biology. I liked both subjects and wanted to continue studying them, but at the same time, I was thinking of discontinuing my studies. Even though I hadn't finished high school and college, I had already graduated from law school and had been licensed as lawyer. I had decided to return to school to finish the studies, but now the more I thought about it, the less inclined I was to continue. Finally I decided to just quit.

I went to class and began telling some people whom I had come to know well that I intended to quit. They were all surprised to hear that. I continued to explain what my situation was and that I just didn't feel like continuing.

I left the school and began walking toward the Gallia County Farm. I would continue to study, even if I did quit school, on my own. As I walked along a dirt road and came close to the Farm, I decided I would go up to the Cabin. Finally the road abruptly ended in front of a cliff, and I began climbing up the dirt. I had a hard time at first, but then I began holding onto some rocks and roots to my left. I slipped, fell back into the dirt all the way up to my waist, but pulled myself together and began climbing again. I held onto the rocks and roots until I made it to the top. On top, I could see the Farmhouse not far away, and I realized if I had gone on the normal road, I could have avoided all this difficulty.

I continued until I reached the Cabin. I went inside, where it looked different from the Cabin because there was more than one room. I lay down on the bed and fell asleep. When I finally awoke, it was cold, for it had grown cold inside. I looked around the room. There had been a fireplace in the middle of the room before, but it was no longer here. I decided I might have to build a fire right in the middle of the room.

A sheet was over one door in the room, and I pulled the sheet aside to look for something in the room with which to build a fire. I saw some blankets hanging in one corner of the room, and it looked as if someone might be behind the blankets. I thought perhaps someone had started living in the house. I hollered out, "If anybody's in there, you better come out. I've got a gun and I'm going to shoot through those blankets."

I didn't actually have a gun. I stood waiting for someone to come out.

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