Dream of: 02 August 1984 "Chasing Goats"

On my way to Europe, I arrived in New York City where I spent the night sleeping outside under an old sleeping bag and cover which I had with me. I was also carrying a bundle of clothes in a back pack. I didn't sleep well and was still tired when I got up. I found myself in a slum area of town and even though I didn't want to stay there, I finally decided to go to a nearby slum hotel.

When I walked into the lobby of the hotel, I had the impression that derelicts probably stayed there. I even say a derelict walk in and ask for a room. He was told the hotel was full. The man at the counter gave him a key and told him to go on up the street.

When I noticed other people had left their possessions in the lobby, I thought perhaps I likewise would leave my backpack and sleeping bag there. I had carried my sleeping bag and cover into the lobby without having first rolled them up and when I began trying to roll them up and tie a rope around them, I had enormous difficulty. Finally I packed everything in my sleeping bag and managed to tie it together.

I left my possessions in the lobby and walked outside where it was just beginning to dawn. Since I knew my old friend Weinstein lived in New York, I wished I knew his phone number so I could call him and perhaps spend a couple days with him. But I didn't know the number and I didn't think it was listed. I didn't want to call Weinstein's parents in Portsmouth and try to get the phone number from them. Anyway I really didn't want to go to Weinstein's with just my back pack and sleeping bag. He would probably look down on me.

I walked around a while and then returned to the hotel. I walked into the lobby, which now looked like a small field. Two young girls, a blonde and a brunette, were in the field. I thought they were attractive even though they appeared rather rough. Since I knew my wife Louise and I had separated, I thought I might like to meet meet new women, such as one of these girls.

Besides the girls, some goats were also in the field; I soon perceived the goats had pulled open my sleeping bag and back pack. My possessions were scattered about on the ground and the goats were trying to eat them. I became angry, chased the goats away and tried to gather my possessions together. When I picked up a plastic sack and threw it at the goats, the goats immediately began trying to eat the sack.

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