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Dream of: 31 July 1984 "Government Censorship"

the protection of

freedom of expression is

an artist's duty

I had been put in a prison, and while there, about thirty female prisoners were brought into a courtyard of the prison. After the women were lined up, about twenty guards were lined up in front of the women, but the women closest to me did not have guards in front of them.

Some guards told the women in front of them to turn around, whereupon the guards began frisking the women. I was uncertain for what the guards were searching, but I thought the way they were searching the women was offensive. The search only lasted for a few minutes, however, and the women began dispersing.

I walked over to one woman and asked her why she put up with the searching, and I suggested that the women should protest against being frisked that way, especially since I thought the women were not actually prisoners.

I saw John Stanford (a Baylor law professor), who was one of the guards, standing nearby. Since I thought Stanford might be sympathetic to what I was saying, I walked over to him. When I told him how offensive I thought the frisking was, I could immediately tell that he was in favor of what had just happened, so I began thinking that telling him what I was thinking would be unwise. Moreover, another guard was nearby listening to me, and I could tell that speaking here was dangerous. I could also tell that I had attracted the women's attention.

The following day I was given a paper with new, typewritten prison-rules on it, and I knew that the new rules were a result of what I had done yesterday. These new rules targeted people who had been writing anything, including dreams. In the future, such writings would be strictly controlled. No writings which dealt with certain aspects of prison life would be allowed to be taken out of the prison when the prisoner was released.

I realized I had brought all my written dreams to prison with me when I had arrived, and I began to become concerned about how I was going to extract the dreams from the prison. I also realized I had recently given a fellow in Waco named "Don" a copy of my most recent dreams, and I thought perhaps I could retrieve those dreams from him. I knew, however, that I had recently written several more dreams which Don did not have.

The new rules also contained a statement by Alexander Haig, who was the director of the prison. Haig stated that he was in favor of limiting the freedom of expression in the prison. I thought it was deplorable that the United States government under Ronald Reagan had reached such a state that freedom of expression was being controlled like that. I thought of the current control of television shows and their low quality. The best thing that could happen would be for people to rise up against the low quality of television shows caused by government censorship and control.

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