Dream of: 26 July 1984 "Visiting A Mansion"

Louise and I had gone to visit Boren (a former legal client) at a home he owned near Waco. We had shown up unexpectedly without calling. Boren had invited me once before and I had finally decided to simply go and see what his house was like. The house was absolutely gigantic; I estimated that he had spent perhaps three million dollars to build it. We were in the living room talking with Boren who was very friendly; he made some pizzas. He made one for himself which he ate first. He then pulled one out of the oven and handed it to me to eat.

Louise meanwhile had walked into the next room. As I ate my pizza, I at first thought it had mushrooms on it, but then realized that it had pepperoni on it and that I had already eaten a piece of the pepperoni. I decided to go ahead and eat the pepperoni. When Louise came back in and asked me if I was eating the pizza, however, I said, "Yea, but I'm picking off the pepperoni."

I had first thought of folding the pizza in half so Louise wouldn't know I was eating the meat, but then I decided to simply pick off the pepperoni and began doing so.

Boren was drinking some beer; I thought about drinking some too, but refrained. I knew Boren was supposed to be a preacher and I thought it a little strange for him to be drinking beer. Of course I also thought it strange for him to have so much money.

I asked Boren if he were still giving his radio broadcasts for a half hour every Sunday morning. He said he was. I told him I had never been able to hear them. I asked him if he was going to have one the following morning Sunday and he said he was. Suddenly I realized today was Sunday and his broadcast had already been this morning.

I thought about asking Boren more about his past and I thought about telling Louise that he had started out with nothing at all and that he had gradually made a great deal of money, but we didn't talk about it.

He talked quite a bit about the progress of the construction of the house.

Finally Louise and I decided it was time to go. We rose, said good-bye and left. As we drove away we saw how huge the house actually was. Quite a few trucks for the construction crews were parked nearby. We were fairly far out in the country.

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