Dream of: 22 July 1984 (2) "Melted And Broke"

Louise and I were in a car which I was driving on a highway. I began having some trouble with the car and pulled over to the left of the road. I noticed a light pole nearby; it looked as if something at the top of the pole melted, broke and fell to the ground. I jumped out of the car and tried to reach up to touch something orange on the pole to see if I could fix it; but it was so hot I couldn't touch it.

A highway patrolman pulled up behind me; I was unsure if he had seen me trying to fix the pole. The patrolman walked up and began asking me some questions. He wanted to see my driver's license and reached into my right rear pocket. His hand scratched and tickled me and I said, "I'll get it for you. It's in my left pocket."

He wanted to do it himself and he didn't want me reaching into my pockets. So he himself pulled out my billfold. I said, "I don't have my Texas driver's license. I have a Texas permit, but I don't have that with me. I took the Texas driver's test, but they haven't sent me my license yet. I do have an Ohio license, if you'll look at it."

He went through my billfold, came to my Ohio driver's license and began looking at it. He asked me some more questions about my Texas license and I told him I thought he could go to his car and pull up the information on his computer system. He said he could do that, but then he suddenly realized he wouldn't be able to. He started becoming rather unfriendly.

Louise meanwhile had gotten out of the car and was sitting on something beside me. The patrolman began questioning me further about why I didn't have my Texas driver's permit; I told him I thought there was no point in my trying to get a duplicate of the permit because I was supposed to be sent an actual driver's license soon.

He walked back to his car and appeared to be writing a ticket. He stepped out of his car and said he had just received a report that some other lamp posts were out as a result of the wreck of the two Rolls Royces underneath the lamp post where I was. Apparently he didn't think I had anything to do with the broken lamppost and thought two Rolls Royces had wrecked under it. But he said the gas lines were burst instead of lampposts. He got back into his car and continued writing. I turned to Louise and whispered, "Boy, this is going to cost a bundle."

I thought it might cost about $100. Louise was being quite nice and wasn't complaining about it costing so much money.

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