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Dream of: 19 July 1984 "For Sale"

I was sitting in the stands of a stadium. Louise wasn't with me, although quite a few other people from law school were sitting nearby.

A performance was taking place in the stadium. Several people, including some women, were singing and the performance appeared to be an opera. While the performers were singing, I began talking to someone and several people looked at me. I noticed Haim (a former law school classmate) among them and I could tell he wanted me to be quiet. I felt bad and stopped talking. Another fellow began talking obnoxiously and disturbing the people around us, but he obviously didn't care whom he disturbed. I felt somewhat better that at least I wasn't the only one who had caused a disturbance. The obnoxious fellow said, "I don't want to listen. I won't listen."

The singing continued and suddenly I heard a loud voice booming out up behind us. I looked up and saw a fellow (about 25 years old) dressed in white singing a solo on a balcony. He had black curly hair and looked Italian. Everyone stood up while he sang and then we sat back down.

I knew some of the people on my right. Wallace (a former law student) was there; I began talking with him. We hadn't seen each other in quite a while. He told me that while he had been on vacation, he had gotten married. I noticed a wedding ring on his hand and said, "Well I got married, too."

We talked and I realized we had gotten married on almost the same day. He asked me where I had gone for a honeymoon. I told him we hadn't really had a honeymoon and he said he hadn't either. I said, "We had a long weekend that weekend though."

I told him that Louise and I had ridden up to Niagara Falls. I told him we had taken a route up through Columbus and then had crossed over into Indiana (although it was actually Pennsylvania) and then we had headed straight up to Canada and Niagara Falls. Wallace and I discussed it a while longer.

Douglas (a former female law student) walked up and sat down in the seat in front of me. She leaned back, turned around and rested her cheek on my hands which were on my knees. She began talking to me. Her cheek felt very soft and I was very attracted to her. She soon rose and sat down right beside me. She began talking and rubbed her cheek against mine. Although she also had recently married, I could tell she wanted to have some kind of affair. She was obviously interested in me and she seemed to want to kiss me there if front of everyone, but I thought about Louise and said, "No, we can have no public display of affection. No public display of affection."

I however decided right then that I was going to have an affair with her. I was overpowered by my attraction to her. I thought about Louise but decided, "I'm still going to do it. I'm just going to go somewhere with her."

When Douglas asked me if I knew anything about buying a used car and about used car prices, I answered, "I have no idea."

She asked, "Didn't you just recently buy a used car?"

I answered, "No, I bought a brand new car."

She asked me what kind of car it was and I said, "Oh, a VW diesel '84."

After I suggested she go outside with me and see the car, we walked out of the stadium. After we were outside, we began walking together across the lawn of a house toward the car. And as we walked, she seemed more like a large plant which I was carrying, instead of a person like a large marijuana plant. However, she did still seem like a person, also.

When we had almost reached my car, the car suddenly started up and I realized that Louise was in the car and that she had seen Douglas and me together. Louise sped off wildly down the street. She couldn't drive very well. I could hear her screaming at me and I tried to holler at her to wait.

Douglas meanwhile had completely turned into a large bushy marijuana plant. I picked the plant up and threw it down at the side.

I ran after Louise. When she turned the corner, I ran behind the house near me so I could catch her on the other side. When I reached the front of the house I knelt down so Louise wouldn't be able to see me. I lay on the ground and saw her drive by. She had put either a "For Sale" or a "For Rent" sign in the window of the car.

The car was silver, but it didn't look like the Volkswagen Rabbit I had bought. It looked like perhaps a Volvo. Louise was driving wildly and looked as if she might wreck, but she was still managing.

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