Dream of: 13 July 1984 "Dredging The Creek"

My step-grandfather Clarence and I were sitting in the living room of the Gallia County Farmhouse talking about my doing some work on the Farm. My uncle George was also there and apparently George had been living there a while. Apparently Clarence and my grandmother Mabel were adopting him and George was going to live with them until he died.

A young person who was also there asked me if I would like to become involved in a movie which was going to be made there. I was told I would be able to make three and a half million dollars for only three months work. I said I wasn't interested in doing that kind of thing.

But I thought to myself, "Well three and a half million dollars. That's an awful lot of money."

I asked more about it and was told it might not actually be three and a half million dollars, but apparently it was going to be a large sum.

I walked outside with Clarence and talked with him about the matter. Apparently he was involved in producing movies. He just made cowboy movies and said it wasn't a bad life. He admitted they weren't that good, but several times he had been in the top ten money producers in the United States.

That didn't sound so bad to me. I began thinking perhaps I needed to learn to produce movies. I could stick around there and help with the one which was about to be shot.

I learned that in preparation for the present movie part of Symmes Creek down in front of the Farmhouse was going to have to be dredged and cleared out to form a little beach to be used for a scene in the movie. Some logs and tree limbs needed to be pulled out of the creek. I thought perhaps I could do that. I wondered whether a bulldozer or a dredge would be used to clear the stuff out of the creek.

After the creek was dredged it was going to be layered with sand. A wire blockade would then be erected in the creek to prevent any other debris from floating in.

I walked down to the creek and Clarence brought his bulldozer down. He tied onto a log in the creek and pulled it out. He told me there was some more stuff in the creek which I needed to pull out.

I saw copy of the "Texas Bar Journal" lying in the water. I walked over to the bank, pulled the magazine out of the water and threw it on the bank.

I noticed some fish in the water. I thought about trying to grab one with my hand to see if I was fast enough to grab it, but I knew I wouldn't be able to do it.

Some other people gathered on the bank behind me began throwing things into the water and scared the fish away.

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