Dream of: 12 July 1984 "Pictures Of Churches Attached To Dreams"

pictures compliment dreams

I was sitting in a house where I was living. I had a notebook with me which contained a number of dreams which I had typed up. It was not my main dream notebook which I had processed, but a second dream notebook on which I had only worked to some extent.

The dreams were arranged according to a date - typed at the top of the page - followed by the typed dreams. Immediately after one dream would be typed another date and another typed dream following that. The dreams carried over from one page to the next.

I was busy attaching - to the dreams - pictures of people who had appeared in the dreams.

When Rick Saul (an acquaintance from Portsmouth High School who graduated in 1969, one year ahead of me) walked into the room, I could not remember his last name. After we had sat down and begun talking, he asked me what I was doing and I explained to him that I was working with my dreams.

He said that was a good thing to do if someone had time to do it. I agreed. I told him I was attaching pictures to the dreams, and since he seemed interested, I told him he could read some dreams if he wanted. When he indicated that he wanted to read some, I pulled out a bunch of dreams. I told him that the dreams were not the finished product and that I still had much work to do on them. He said he understood and he began reading.

Attached to the dream which he started reading was a picture of a girl standing in front of a church. When he said that was the kind of girl he did not like, I merely listened to his comment without saying anything.

After looking at several other pictures I had attached to the dreams, I realized several pictures displayed churches in them. I thought I did not want to give people the wrong idea by having so many pictures of churches attached to my dreams because the churches were Christian ones - and I was not a Christian.

I saw a picture of Janet Arthur (a schoolmate with whom I graduated from high school in 1970). I had spelled her name "Janice" and I tried to remember whether her name was actually "Janet" or "Janice." The picture was a graduation scene which showed people wearing caps and gowns, and marching in front of a red brick building. The picture seemed to have been taken at Baylor University. Since so many people were marching in the picture, I realized I needed to mark Janet somehow on the picture, perhaps by circling her. Otherwise someone could not tell which person was Janet.

When I noticed a large metal cross on the front of the building in the picture, I thought, "There's another example of it. There's this large cross here."

I thought again how I was not a Christian and how Baylor had been a Christian college. I looked at the cross which appeared so strong, and I thought something along the lines of, "This is something I'm going to have to contend with in my dreams at some point is dealing with Christ. It's like going to be a struggle thrashing that out. Not only have I fallen behind in recording my dreams and putting them together but once I actually do get back to doing that I'm going to have to deal with this aspect of dealing with Christ and pointing out in my dreams that I'm not a Christian so that anybody that reads my dreams will be aware of that."

An older man with whom I apparently was working walked into the room, continued into the next room and picked up a beer. He came back and told me I had better be ready because the next day we had a big job - which apparently had something to do with putting insulation into a house.

I began thinking perhaps I should go to the Seven Eleven store and buy myself some beer. Wondering if the store carried any dark beer, I debated whether I should buy a six pack.

Dream Commentary of January 25, 2015

A synagogue is Jewish, a mosque is Moslem, a temple is Buddhist or Hindu and a church is Christian. Viewing the chuch as a possible symbol of the Dream Journal, however, may require seeing that church stripped of Christianity so that the Dream-Journal church houses a God which is not clothed in any particular religion. This is the non-religious - yet spiritual - sense in which I see the church as being a potential symbol of the non-religious - yet spiritual - Dream Journal in my future dreams.

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