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Dream of: 02 July 1984 "Eyes Of A Warthog"

I walked into what appeared to be a Burger Boy Food store and noticed a rack of paper back books, among which were two new paperbacks about Ayatollah Khomeini. I picked up one of the two books, which was quite thick, and I expected it to be a biography of Khomeini. But as I leafed through it, I saw that it consisted of several different sections, each giving statistics about Khomeini. One section was entitled "Justice."

I put the book back on the rack, looked around, and saw a small, brown animal lying on the floor. Suddenly the animal ran up to me, and I realized it was a baby warthog. Even though it was a baby, its teeth were about two centimeters long. It began friskily playing with and biting my leg, although not hard. I played with it a while, and then it played with some other people. I said to someone, "It's just a puppy, isn't it."

I began petting it, and said to someone, "It's going to have warts all over its face, it's going to be ugly and it's going to have big tusks."

At the moment, however, it was quite cute. But I was still a bit apprehensive, because I was afraid if it actually bit someone it could really hurt. I walked over to the counter and said, "Do you know if this warthog bit somebody there would be strict liability for it."

The people behind the counter seemed surprised by what I had said. I walked back over to the warthog, which was now lying on the floor. The room was dark, and when I looked at the animal, it looked as if it were as flat as a piece of cardboard. I could see its outline, and could see that its mouth was open. Finally it got up and assumed its regular shape again. Another person here with me and I looked into the animal's eyes, which seemed very large, and saw all kinds of colorful patterns. The other person and I were both amazed at just how pretty the eyes were.

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