Dream of: 30 June 1984 "Consolidating Corporations"

I had gone to the Waco Law Office to work, but had arrived late, in the afternoon. I hadn't overslept, I simply hadn't wanted to go in until late. I was planning to quit working here, and this was going to be my last day. When I walked in, I saw Vaughn standing in my secretary's office next to mine.

Vaughn mentioned to me that since I was going to be moving to Dallas, I might want to see Sullivan (a Dallas attorney). Sullivan was putting together a business which would operate in several counties I might be able to work for him. I called Sullivan on the phone and he told me I could come in any time and talk with him. I asked him if he were going to be there the first of the following week. He said he was and I told him I would come in to see him.

Early Monday morning about 9 a.m. I went to Sullivan's office to see him. When I walked in he was smoking a cigarette and drinking a cup of coffee. He asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee and I said, "No."

I knew I didn't drink coffee or smoke cigarettes.

I began looking over the many books on his book shelves, and I noted not many legal books seemed to be among them. I sat down and asked him if he had any problems I could help him with.

He began explaining in his business he had two corporations which he was trying to combine. I said, "Well, you know there's two ways of doing that. You can either consolidate them or you can merge them."

He said he understood that. I thought I could probably be helpful with that kind of work since I knew something about consolidating corporations.

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