Dream of: 27 June 1984 (2) "Rusty Contraption"

While some other people and I were in a foreign country, one of the people pulled out about 50 keys, all different kinds of keys, some gold and some silver. On the side of a nearby building was a contraption which resembled a clock. It was necessary to use the keys to get the thing to work. Another person and I began putting some of the keys in the holes of the rusty contraption, attempting to get it to work. Finally we opened up two boxes in the device, and from them pulled out two sugar cubes which looked a bit yellowed from having had some liquid poured on them. Looking at them, I realized they had been treated with LSD.

I put a sugar cube in my mouth and ate it. Apparently the other fellow did the same, and together we walked off into a meadow. I began to feel the effects of the LSD there in the pleasant wooded area.

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