Dream of: 27 June 1984 "Zooming Along"

I was in the Shamrock Building in Dallas, where I was going to visit Louise in the law office where she was working. After I got on an elevator and started up, someone said, "Are you on the wrong elevator?"

I looked more closely, realizing some elevators didn't stop on the floor where Louise worked. I saw the numbers of the floors and said, "Yea, I'm on the wrong elevator."

I thought I would be able to get off on the thirteenth floor and walk down to the twelfth floor. I pressed the button for the thirteenth floor, but the elevator didn't stop. Instead it passed the thirteenth floor and stopped on other floors higher up, where people got off. Finally when we were on about the eightieth floor, I began looking out the windows which were on one side of the elevator, and realized how high I was. I began to become somewhat apprehensive about being up so high.

The elevator began going faster and faster until it was zooming along. I was having difficulty just holding on, when I suddenly realized I was no longer in an elevator, but in the back of a small car, somewhat like a station wagon, which was being driven by someone else. We were going so fast, that when we hit a bump, the wagon door in the rear flew open and fell off. I almost fell out myself. I held on with my hands and began pounding with my feet on a partition which separated me from the driver. Finally the driver, a man, stopped, came back and looked at me. I said, "Look, the back has fallen off."

He looked and realized the back had indeed fallen off. He walked back down the road looking for the door, but he couldn't find it. Finally I got out of the car, and noticed a Dalmatian dog in the front seat. It jumped out and was going to follow the man; but the man told the dog to stay with me, which it did. I looked over to my right and saw a building with another Dalmatian in one of its windows. I held the Dalmatian with me so it wouldn't go over to the other Dalmatian. It jumped in the direction of the building, but I held it until it finally settled down.

The fellow returned with a piece of plexi glass which he began trying to fit on the back of the car.

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