Dream of: 16 June 1984 "Buddha In The Attic"

time robbed from god is

time which cannot be reclaimed

in this fading life

Just as I was walking into the room of a large building, I saw another fellow (about 30 years old) walking out. Inside the room was a large table on which lay what appeared to be a piece of jewelry. I walked over and picked up the piece which consisted of one large and two smaller stones which were obviously gems and quite well cut. They were solid and light orange. I thought that the fellow I had seen walking out was probably the owner of the jewelry and that he had left the jewelry there. Nevertheless, even though I knew that I was not the ower of the piece of jewelry, I decided to keep the piece for myself.

After quickly sticking the piece into a paper sack which I had, I walked out. I had not walked far when I saw the same fellow headed back toward the room. Seeing that he looked quite upset, I thought he was probably returning to the room to search for his gems. Nevertheless, I kept the piece anyway. I thought that I would have the piece transformed into a ring and that I would give the ring to my wife Louise. I tried to remember the size of her marriage band which I thought was two and one fourth. I thought, however, that she would probably want to wear the gem on her middle finger, which would be larger than her ring finger. Since I was unsure of the size of her middle finger, I thought I would first have to consult with her.

I finally found Louise in the building. When I pulled out the gem to show it to her, it was no longer orange, but now displayed several colors including blue and gray. The gem had an intricate design and one side had been cut straight. We both looked at the gem in amazement. Louise said something about it's being "sandstone," but I knew we were obviously looking at a valuable gem.

When I told Louise that I wanted to make a ring for her out of the gem, she wanted to know where I had obtained the piece. After I told her the circumstances in which I obtained the gem, Louise insisted that I return it. Since I was already beginning to feel somewhat guilty about having the gem, I agreed that I did need to return it.

After I left Louise to return the gem, I decided I was not simply going to leave it where I had found it. Instead, I decided to hide the gem somewhere and leave the owner a note eplaining where to look for the gem. I wrote a simple note which said, "Your gem is someplace high."

After I left the note at the place where I had originally found the gem, I looked for someplace high to hide the gem until I ascended to the upper part of the building, toward the attic. On my way, I remembered having once seen a statue in the attic. When I finally reached the attic this time, I saw a large statue of a sitting Buddha in the rafters. With difficulty, I finally climbed up to the large statue and began scrutinizing it. I noticed an opening in the statue's chest, opened it up and found inside a smaller statue of a sitting Buddha made of greenish metal.

I attached the gem I had found to the chest of the smaller Buddha. As I did so, I had a picture of a flower in my mind. As the flower opened, it turned into a woman who seemed like Louise. Watching the occurence was exhilarating. The woman was wearing a pretty white and yellow dress. As the unfolding continued, I saw on the woman's chest, between her breasts, a floral design of pretty yellow thread sewn into the woman's chest. The woman was smiling and the sensation was exhilarating for both of us.

I climbed back down from the attic and walked outside, where I waited for quite a while. I knew that the other fellow had found the note by now and that he was looking for the gem. Then I saw the fellow pull up in a large van. It was fairly obvious that he had not been able to find his gem and that he was going to leave without it. Since I thought I was going to have to tell the fellow where the gem was if he was going to find it, I walked over to the van and stepped into it. I looked back inside the van and saw that the interior of the van appeared to be outfitted with living quarters, but I could not see anything clearly. There was a hallway in the van and to the left of the hallway were little rooms in which the fellow apparently lived.

Two fellows were sitting in the front of the van in the driving section. When I asked them if they were leaving, they responded affirmatively. The fellow who had lost the gem was one of those two fellows. His black hair was starting to turn gray.

When I asked him if he had been looking up high, he said he had. Finally, I said, "Well, go up there where the Buddha is in the attic. Do you know where the Buddha is in the attic?"

He said he did. I said, "Well go up there and look in that Buddha and see if you can find your jewel."

He stepped out of the van and headed toward the attic. I felt pretty good because I knew he was going to find his gem.

Commentary 20 September 2016

paradise is a

promise made in return for

a promise of love

Commentaire 17 septembre 2016

C'est important que Louise ne recevait pas la gem.

Commentary of September 14, 2016

Buddha seems to represent sacrifice which results in gain.

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