Dream of: 13 June 1984 "Blood Test"

While in Portsmouth, I was talking with my father and a lady who was working for my father. The lady had developed an invention - a small vehicle which people could drive just by using their minds. The vehicle would travel along the side of the road and when someone would board the vehicle, the person could make the vehicle move simply by using the mind.

The woman, my father and I were trying to formulate a plan to manufacture the vehicles. We decided it might be best to make the vehicles run on rails, because the vehicles might have difficulty stopping once they had begun moving. If the vehicles were on rails, they would have to stay on the rails. 

We were still trying to decide if we were actually going to go through with the project, which would be quite expensive. We tried to figure out where we would obtain money to begin the first project. I decided I was going to sink all the money I had into the project and my father was also going to invest quite a bit. The woman was also going to invest. I was going to have about a 30 percent interest. I thought about how my father and I were going to be reaping much of the profits from the woman's idea. 

Someone mentioned Canton, Texas as a sight for the project, but I said I would like to do it in Columbus, Ohio.

When my father said he would be willing to sink a lot of money into the project, I replied, "Well, I realize that. But it would probably cost millions of dollars. And I could probably come in handy because I could help borrow the money we would need."

I thought I would be well adept at borrowing money for the project.

When we finished talking about the project, I left and went to the 29th Street House (my mother's home in Portsmouth). Once in the House, I went down into the basement and found my old girlfriend Birdie standing there. She handed me some papers which she said were the results of blood tests which had been administered to her daughter Brandi. She looked happy about it. She said the papers conclusively proved Brandi was her husband Rick's child and not mine. I was glad to hear that and I felt a great relief. However, I still wanted to ascertain that Brandi wasn't my child. Birdie handed me a copy of the paper which showed my blood type, which was "C." Since I didn't trust Birdie, I thought perhaps she had forged my blood type on the paper. I began looking more closely at the paper, certain I wasn't going to let Birdie convince me Brandi wasn't my child unless I had solid proof.

I continued looking at the paper, which contained much data. I was only interested in the blood type. I finally asked Birdie what blood type Brandi had had, and when she told me Brandi's blood type had been "B+," I answered, "Well how do I know that that shows that she is not my child?"

Birdie handed me other papers concerning blood tests and told me to read the back page of them. I began reading, but couldn't understand well. It was saying something about what happens when teenagers indiscriminately have children. How can it be determined who the father of the child is?

There were two paragraphs which I read two or three times, but I still couldn't understand. Finally I flung up my arms and said I didn't understand; I would have to review the paper more thoroughly.

Several people and I were standing around a pool table which was in the room. When I flung up my hands, for a moment one of my fingers went into the mouth of a fellow standing next to me. I pulled my finger out, looked at the fellow (he had longish hair over his ears) and I and recognized that he was Birdie's husband Rick. Surprised to see him, I said, "Well, Rick, I didn't know you were here."

Apparently he had come there with Birdie and had been listening to everything we had to say. Although I had been standing so close to Birdie that our arms had been touching, he didn't seem to have minded. He seemed friendly and I held my hand out to shake, but he backed away, and I said, "Well, I'd like to be friends about all of this."

Although he didn't shake my hand, he said he would also like to be friends. I said, "I'm sure you'd like to get to the bottom of this, find out whose child she really is."

He seemed in agreement, but he said he first needed to go out to the car to get something, and he walked out to the car. After he had left, I asked Birdie what Rick's blood type was.

She said it was also "C." I replied, "Well if Rick's blood type was a 'C' too, then the whole thing is completely worthless. It doesn't prove anything. We're right back where we started from. Can't tell anything."

She nodded her head as if she understood that was true and she seemed sad by that fact. Obviously she wanted the child to be Rick's. I said, "Now I know there's nothing I can do now because she's still underage, but when she turns eighteen, I am intending on looking her up and finding out what the answer is."

My words seemed to make Birdie visibly nervous, but she seemed to realize she could do nothing to stop me. She added there was one difference in the blood tests: Rick's blood was soluble, and mine was insoluble. I told Birdie I would have to discuss the matter with Rick to see if we could get to the bottom of it.

Birdie told me she had some pictures of Brandi which she would send me. I told her I would love to have some pictures of Brandi because I hadn't seen Brandi for so many years. 

Rick then walked into the room and I told him we needed to get to the bottom of the matter to find out once and for all whose child Brandi really was.

He agreed and I continued, "But you know if your blood type was 'C', and mine was 'C', then that doesn't prove anything."

He then brought up the question of the one test showing an insoluble blood, and the other test showing a soluble blood. I told him I would have to read up on that, review everything and then get back together with him.

They began to leave; I walked upstairs and out to the car with them. I said, "I'm glad we've gotten together now. I'll give you a call as soon as I've determined something. We can talk about this."

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