Dream of: 08 June 1984 "Odorless Flower"

I was living with my mother and my sister in a two story house, in the back yard of which I had a large beige-colored dog, probably about six months old. A big fence around the back yard kept the dog from escaping. Another smaller fence separated the back yard into two sections so that dog could be given more room. My mother sometimes allowed the dog to run in both sections of the yard.

From the upstairs I descended downstairs and into the back yard where the dog was standing near the small fence. I walked over and hugged it. When I raised back up and looked again at the dog, it was more of a yellowish color and had large teeth, almost like fangs, sticking out from the bottom of its mouth. It wasn't my dog at all! I was startled because it could have bitten me, even though it had seemed friendly when I had been hugging it. I walked over to a gate in the fence, walked out and immediately shut the gate behind me.

I looked over into the other part of the yard and saw my dog, which came running to me. It had to stop before it reached the small fence separating us because a mud puddle was in its way. When I opened the gate in the small fence it ran up to me and I hugged it. It began licking my chin. Instead of pulling it away like I normally did when it tried to lick me, I let it continue.

The dog was very friendly. I was thinking it was getting old enough so it could be trained to protect me. I thought I might be able to take it somewhere to be trained, but I wouldn't want anyone to hurt it to make it mean. If I could find someplace where it could be trained without being hurt, I would take it there.

How would such training take place? I thought probably two dogs would be put together and would be trained to attack each other. The dog which overcame the other would be rewarded with something to eat. The behavior of attack would thus be encouraged. I imagined my dog against a big German Shepherd and thought, "Well the thing that would have to be done to protect the dogs, would be you'd have to get some kind of little rubber caps to put over their teeth, so they wouldn't be able to injure each other."

I even stood there imagining two dogs running toward each other, attacking each other, clamping down their teeth and then being separated. The dog which won the attack would be rewarded and then they would be allowed to attack again.

I wondered how dogs perceived human beings. What would it be like for a human if some creature larger than us tried to control us the way we control dogs? Would we even be able to perceive it? How would it reward and punish us for doing things?

While I was thinking, Louise had walked into the back yard and had sat down. A small tree (probably a dogwood) was in bloom in the yard. Louise said the tree's flowers had been blue last week. I looked at the tree and saw two colors of flowers, blue and purple. Each flower seemed to have four petals. They were blowing in the wind and seemed quite beautiful. I said, "No look. They're still blue this week. There are blue ones and purple ones on the tree."

She looked up and saw that was correct. One flower blew off the tree in my direction. I picked it up and smelled it. Although I didn't perceive any odor from the flower, it still seemed exhilarating to be smelling it.

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