Dream of: 04 June 1984 "Security Agreement"

Louise and I were working on the construction of a large building. As part of the construction, I had poured cement into wooden frames and had stuck 20-30 large rocks into the cement. Louise walked over to me, dissatisfied with my work. She began pulling the rocks out of the cement and putting them into another frame which hadn't yet been filled up.

The rocks didn't look good the way I had done them and I even pulled out many and threw them to the side. 

Louise became upset and spoke about a security agreement which she thought I had written. The security agreement had something to do with our getting married. Apparently she thought I had made a security agreement, similar to a prenuptial agreement, with a third party. As she complained, she walked off around the corner. I couldn't see her, but I could still hear her complaining.

It seemed I was now atop the building. I thought perhaps I would let out a scream and Louise would think I had fallen off the building. I screamed at the top of my lungs two or three times and then I lay down hanging on to something. It almost seemed as if I were floating.

I seemed to be on the ground again when Louise came back around the corner. It seemed as if she were crying, but she was talking with someone. I stood up to show nothing was wrong with me. She walked toward me. The person with whom she was talking also walked up. He was my high school friend, Staggs. He walked over toward me. His wife Paula (a former high school schoolmate) was also with him. I told him I would like for him to meet my wife, Louise. I then introduced both Staggs and his wife to Louise.

Another girl (about 14 years old) was with them. I was unsure who she was, but I thought she might be George and Paula's daughter.

They asked me about the security agreement and I told them as far as I knew, no security agreement existed. I said that I had never written a security agreement, and that I would have needed Louise's approval to do so.

Louise said, "You mean you never wrote a security agreement?"

I replied, "No. There's none that I know of."

As I talked about the security agreement in front of Staggs and his wife, I wondered if they even knew what a security agreement was. I thought they might not be familiar with the legal term.

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