Dream of: 03 June 1984 "Easy Reading"

I was rather tired from having been on a highway for a long time, driving a car in a convoy with several other cars. Suddenly I swerved into the far lane of the left side of the road, where cars were coming straight toward me. Realizing four lanes were going in each direction, I swerved back onto the right side of the road.

Finally I pulled into a church parking lot and one of the other cars in the convoy also pulled in. I recognized the man driving the car as the professor of a class I had just begun in a new school two days earlier. He reminded me a bit of Elias ( a law professor) and his name was something like "Wallum." He had impressed me; I had even typed up a dream in which he had appeared the previous night. I had the dream in my dream notebook, which just happened to be in the front seat with me.

Deciding I would like him to read my dream notebook, I took the pages out of the black folder and walked over to where he was standing beside his car. I told him I had been preparing the dreams in notebook-form and would like for him to read them. He said he would; he took them and immediately began reading them.

I recalled I had already given a copy of the dreams to Rembert Glass (my former philosophy professor) to read. I thought it would be interesting to hear what people thought about the dreams, if they ever got around to telling me.

I was tired. I hadn't been driving well; perhaps I needed to rest a while. After lying down in the seat of my car, as I tried to sleep, I could hear the professor turning the pages of the dreams as he read them. He seemed to only be spending about 10 seconds on each page. He hollered out to me and said, "This is easy reading."

I answered, "Yes, I know."

I had purposely made the dreams easy to read because I didn't want them to be complicated, but I was beginning to think I needed to stylize my writing more. Perhaps I had made the dreams too childlike. I had another copy of the dreams with me in the car. I picked it up and began reading the dream in which the professor had appeared. I saw that Africa appeared in the dream. I recalled I had recently had another dream in which the African country Senegal had appeared, but I hadn't recorded the other dream and I regretted that. I was unsure why Africa was occurring in my dreams, but I knew it would be interesting to the professor to see Africa in them.

The last dream I had had was after the one in which the professor appeared. Mitchell (a former law student) was in it; in the dream Mitchell had been called "Beatlehead Meathead." As I looked at the name, I thought it certainly seemed like a strange name for a father to give to his son. I figured his father must have been trying to rhyme the first name with the last name.

I remembered I hadn't told the professor that there was an index of people included at the end of the dreams. I thought in the future I should always put the index in the beginning of the dreams so people would be sure to notice it.

I put the dreams down and dozed off. When I awoke, I was in my mother's house, which seemed like the House in Patriotn Ohio (the home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child). I was still thinking about my dreams, but I also began thinking how that since I had started the new school, I had begun a new life. Now the new people I would meet would begin appearing in my dreams and the old people would begin fading off into the background. That would be an interesting new change.

In one corner of the room was a large bathtub, which I walked over to. I turned on the hot and cold water in the tub. Not much hot water came out, although the cold water came out just fine. Finally the hot water began coming out too. My clothes were rather wet, especially my pants, and I wanted to take them off. I began taking them off, but it seemed to be taking me a long time.

My mother, my sister, and a maid were in the room. My sister walked up to me just as I looked at my watch and I saw that it was 7:28. I asked, "Is that the right time?"

She answered, "Yes."

I said, "I've got to hurry. I've got to be at school at 7:30."

I looked at the bathtub; the water was only about five centimeters deep. I thought, "I'm just going to have to jump in there quickly, even if I have to do it in front of all these people, and take a quick bath."

My sister showed me a hamburger she had and she asked if I could chop up the hamburger meat into little pieces for her. I said, "No, I don't have time for that. I've got to go to school."

It looked as if I were going to be late for school, which was Grant Junior High School (my old junior high school). I thought I might not arrive until around 8 o'clock. I would have to go to the principal's office and get a late slip. That bothered me slightly.

This morning the students were going to be taking an excursion to some place like an amusement park. At the amusement park, the students were going to descend some tall steps. Beginning about a half meter from the bottom step on up was thick braided wire along the side. I knew some of the parents of the children would be writing letters to the principal saying they didn't want their children going down the steps because they were afraid something would happen to them. Most children would be younger children. But I thought I might be able to write a note myself so I wouldn't have to go down the steps.

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