Dream of: 22 May 1984 "Meditation And Levitation"

I had moved to a secluded rural area of an Ohio county whose county seat was a town named "Gatesville." I had just moved from an Ohio county named "Coryell" whose county seat was a town named "Cadmus." I found myself walking along a small road in a nice area completely surrounded by trees. As I walked, I thought about Cadmus, and I recalled an article I had once written which had been printed in the Gallipolis Daily Tribune. The article had mistakenly said I had gone to high school in Cadmus.

As I walked along, I thought one reason I wanted to live in a secluded area was so I could begin levitating. Even as I walked, I thought I could run, take small leaps and begin levitating right here. When I thought about it more, I realized it was not actually necessary to take small leaps in order to levitate. Levitation was simply a mental process. All I had to do was learn to control my mind and I would be able to levitate.

I thought it was probably necessary to learn to meditate before I could learn to levitate, although I did not think it was absolutely necessary. But I thought meditation and levitation were connected, and I thought how yogis learned to meditate before they learned to levitate.

I thought about examples of levitation. I considered Christ's walking on water, and thought Christ also had levitated at certain times and had walked on air.

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