Dream of: 21 May 1984 "Infinity"

A professor was conducting a class in the back yard of a house, teaching some students who were seated atop a low wall. When the professor suddenly turned to me and asked if I would deliver a short dissertation about something, I agreed to speak. Since I had been given the freedom to pick whatever topic I wanted, I decided to talk about time and space.

I thought that the students didn't appreciate the significance of time and space, that they only thought of time in terms of a few days, and space in terms of a short distance. Once I began talking, I spoke for quite a long while, making several points about time and space. Finally I brought up the subject of "infinity." Since infinity was a central concept which I wanted to express to the students, to emphasize my point I clapped my hands around my mouth and shouted out "Infinity!"

The word echoed back from the neighboring building, "Infinity. Infinity. Infinity."

Having caught the students' attention, I stopped speaking. Now I began thinking about God, wondering how I could tie the concept of God to the idea of infinity. Clearly it was important to bring the subject of God into this discussion.

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