Dream of: 20 May 1984 "Black And White Snakes"

Louise and I pulled up in a car in front of the House in Patriot, where we were only intending to stay a few minutes. Louise stepped out of the car and walked into the House. While still in the car, I noticed several people standing around outside and saw my teenage girlfriend Sussie among them. When she walked over to the car window, I asked, "Sussie, is that you?"

She responded, "Yes."

I was surprised to see her. It had been such a long time since I had seen her and I really wanted to talk with her, but she didn't act as if she cared whether she saw me. I stepped from the car and began talking with her. She had quite a bit of acne around the bottom part of her face; I didn't remember her having ever had acne before.

I asked Sussie to step to the side while we talked because I didn't want Louise to see me talking with her and get the wrong idea. Sussie and I talked a while and I asked her what she was doing there. She said she was selling some jigsaw puzzles in the back yard, in an area where people were selling some things. The puzzles were quite large and had pictures of sailing ships on them.

I thought I might buy one from her. Perhaps I would put it together and frame it. I would like a picture of old sailing ships involved in a large ship battle, which I could frame and put on my wall. I pondered how I would glue the pieces. I didn't know whether I would glue each piece as I was putting it together, or put the whole puzzle together first, and then glue the whole thing to a board.

I thought the puzzle would cost about $20, which might be a bit more than it should cost, but I would go ahead and buy it anyway.

Finally Sussie asked, "Are you a lawyer now?"

I replied, "Yea."

She could hardly believe it. I continued, "Yea, and I'm thinking about going back to school to get a masters, too, so I can practice some bankruptcy law."

After Sussie and I had talked for a few more minutes, Louise walked back out and got in the car. I also boarded the car and we drove off. Louise was sitting in the middle of the front seat, I was on the passenger side and someone else was driving. At first I called the driver Steve, then I called him Chris and finally I realized he was my brother Adolph and I called him "Dolfie."

As Adolph drove through the streets of Patriot, I noticed the house next door to the House had been rebuilt and was now a gigantic mansion. It was quite beautiful and was in the process of being redone. Several other large houses had also been rebuilt in Patriot.

When we came to the end of the village I saw one very large red brick house had been built right in the middle of the street. Places were left where cars could pass on the road under the house. We passed under the house and continued on until we reached a forest. As we drove through the forest I reached a point of practical ecstasy as I looked at the trees, which I hadn't seen in a long time. I thought how different it was there from the drab countryside in Texas. As we drove over undulating hills, I could smell the odor of pines. I was enraptured by the whole scene and felt like sticking my head out the window and screaming for joy, but I didn't think Louise would understand.

We continued driving until we finally reached a small cabin sitting by a stream. We pulled up, got out of the car, and walked into the cabin. I heard some noise outside and while the others stayed inside, I walked out onto a balcony and began looking down into the stream, which reminded me somewhat of Symmes Creek flowing in front of the Gallia County Farmhouse, although the scene before me was completely different.

Some pretty ducks were sitting on the bank. When the ducks saw me, one flew down into the water and began floating along.

Some people were swimming in the creek. When a black fellow walked up to me, I began talking with him. I began to realize that there was something very ominous about the stream and that people who swam in it usually drowned. Nevertheless people were still swimming there.

From where I was, it looked as if a couple females had taken off all their clothes and were swimming. Even though the stream was quite close, however, I couldn't discern the females well.

I looked more closely at the water; some snakes were in it. I pointed them out to the black fellow and said, "There's snakes."

A white snake and a black snake were swimming along side by side on the water. Actually several couples of snakes were swimming along together in the water. Their movements were parallel, so both snakes in a couple were making the same movements. The fellow said, "Yea those are piranhas."

I knew part of the problem for people swimming there was they had to avoid the piranhas.

Looking on down the creek, I saw a girl who looked like Peggy Arthurs (a former high school schoolmate). She looked 18-19 years old. She took off all her clothes how dark her complexion was. She had large breasts. I watched her a while as she went into the water and swam around. When she returned to the bank I continued to watch her. She didn't seem at all inhibited about being nude.

When she came back onto the bank, she came close to me and I began looking at her breasts. The aureole of one breast was considerably darker than that of the other, and the breast with the lighter colored aureole was also somewhat smaller than the other breast. She didn't seem as attractive after I noticed that. I was actually rather repulsed.

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