Dream of: 17 May 1984 "Rather Pointless"

Louise and I had had an argument. She had left and gone to a school which she was attending and I had gone to the House in Patriot, which had been converted into a type of dormitory for male students. I had been here for about a week and I hadn't contacted Louise.

The House wasn't bad at first, but then many obnoxious male students began moving in so there was practically no privacy. I awoke one morning about 9:15 and noticed a bunch of them standing across the road smoking cigarettes. One of them punched another one; it looked as if they were having a fight. Then they stood around and talked. I didn't think I was going to be able to get along with any of them. Miller (a former law student) was there; I figured he probably still didn't like me because of an incident one time in practice court.

I had basically decided I wasn't going to contact Louise any more; we could both begin new lives. She could have her new life at school and I could have my life here. When I woke up, however, I suddenly missed her terribly. As I stood here looking at those fellows, I thought how they didn't have anything else to do except stand there and talk with each other like that. It seemed rather pointless.

I thought how Louise and I had really had something together. Our lives had become so wound up in each other. And that was what was important to us. We really needed each other. Finally I thought, "I've got to see her. I've got to call her and tell her that I have to be with her."

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