Dream of: 15 May 1984 "Princess"

Louise and I had moved onto a farm (which reminded me of the Pike County Farmhouse) where Louise's mother, Vivian, was living. Louise's father had recently died and Vivian had inherited the farm. Louise and I walked out into a large field behind the house. In the field was a tractor to which Vivian hooked a series of plows. Vivian began driving the tractor around the field and plowing it.

As she plowed, she appeared demented and drove the tractor haphazardly. She wasn't doing a good job and as she approached one of the corners I said to Louise, "She's going to turn the plow over when she gets around there."

Indeed, when she reached the corner, she turned too sharply and the plow turned over. Vivian hopped off the tractor and headed toward the house as if nothing had happened. I looked around to see if there was a smaller plow I might be able to attach to the tractor. I thought I might be able to plow up a small piece of land so Louise and I could raise a garden. I thought I might even be able to use a shovel to dig up some land for a small garden.

I looked into a neighboring field; the neighbors had plowed their land quite well.

Some dogs were running around; one was jumping straight up into the air. A white cat was running along and one dog playfully jumped onto the cat. I thought I could hear the cat purring as it played with the dog.

Louise and I walked back into the house and decided we wanted to go to a play. We left, went to a theater and after we sat down, the play immediately began. The stage seemed rather strange. To the right of the stage were five or six very thick ropes, perhaps a third of a meter in diameter, which were hanging down on the stage from the ceiling. I could see someone standing up above the rope about twelve meters high.

It soon became clear to me the rope represented the hair of a giant. Some actors were acting on the stage and they were apparently in the giant's chambers. The man at the top began dropping down some little pieces of something which looked like hair which had been snipped off. One actor was supposed to be trimming the giant's beard. The actor said something like, "Don't you think this would hurt?"

The giant said, "No, it won't hurt."

Louise and I both had the impression they were talking about the hair on the giants testes being trimmed and we both laughed.

Suddenly there was a blinding light on the stage apparently a princess was supposed to appear. Louise whispered, "That's me."

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