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Dream of: 12 May 1984 "Bloody Battle"

Another fellow and I were in the country being chased by two men who were very good trackers. As my companion and I ran through the woods together, we knew the trackers were probably about a kilometer behind us. We ran along the top of a hill trying to find a way to get to the bottom. We knew there was some way down, but we weren't quite sure where it was. But I had an idea where to go, and I said, "Follow me."

I led him to a cliff, which we jumped off and began sliding down precipitously. We continued sliding through rocks for a long time, until we finally reached the bottom. But my companion and I then separated from each other.

I thought we had given the two trackers the slip, but I saw one tracker appear. Just then the other pursuer and my companions also showed up. I aimed my gun at the second pursuer. As all four of us stood facing each other, I knew my companion needed to shoot the first pursuer and finish him off. I knew the name of the first pursuer was Isry, and I hollered to my companion, "Shoot Isry!"

At first my companion was going to shoot the second pursuer, but when he heard me, without hesitation he shot Isry. I then shot the second pursuer, and both pursuers fell over.

Suddenly, when a large German Shepherd walked up, I picked up a pitchfork and stabbed it. But as soon as I had stabbed it, I realized it was only a pup. The pup's mother then appeared and both my companion and I stabbed it. Next the father German Shepherd walked up and both my companion and I stabbed it over and over. The entire episode with the three German Shapers was a bloody battle, but finally they were all dead.

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