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Dream of: 11 May 1984 "Eaten Up By Rats"

While several other people and I were in my Cabin, I noticed that either some squirrels, mice or rats had made some holes in the logs and that the animals appeared to be living in the logs. I began poking a stick in one hole, but I couldn't feel anything at first. I kept thrusting the stick farther and farther into the hole, until I finally thought I felt something. Finally a couple rats jumped out, and as they ran across the floor, I began beating one until I killed it. Two more smaller rats jumped out and I likewise killed them. I threw the dead rats outside. The whole episode saddened me because I realized my cabin was being eaten up and would no longer be habitable.

The others and I left the Cabin, boarded a car, and I began driving away. I was having a difficult time driving and wasn't doing it well. Finally I stopped the car and stepped out. One of the people in the car was my uncle George, who wasn't able to walk because he had polio. He got out into the middle of the road. When another car began coming down the road, he thought it was going to hit him and he began hollering, "Help! Help!"

I walked over to him, picked him up and began carrying him in my arms. 

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