Dream of: 10 May 1984 (2) "Thor"

I was in the back yard of a house, trying to fix a hammer which had a broken handle. I was finally able to fix it, and then began swinging it around over my head. As I swung the hammer with my right hand, I soon found myself rising and floating up above the ground. I continued rising until I was about 20 meters off the ground. Finally I looked down, became a bit frightened because I was so high and stopped swinging.

I was still hanging on to the hammer with my right hand, but I also wanted to grab it with my left hand. Every time I would try, I would feel so much pressure on my right hand, I had to stop trying for fear I would lose my grip with my right hand. Finally I was able to also grab it with my left hand. I then felt as if I had a stronger grip and felt much safer. Gradually I began floating back toward the ground, and felt as if I were floating down on a parachute.

Finally, after landing, I began thinking that the next time I did that, it would be better if the head of the hammer would just be a round ball. I also thought of the comic book hero, Thor, and thought the next time I swung the hammer over my head, I would holler out the same word which Thor hollered out when he swung his hammer to rise in the air.

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