Dream of: 09 May 1984 "Petrified"

Two fellows and I went to someone's house to buy some marijuana. One of the fellows intended to buy a pound of marijuana, the second fellow intended to buy nine ounces, while I only intended to buy $10 worth. Since the marijuana was costing $30 an ounce, I was going to get a third of an ounce.

I had never been to the house before, and I didn't know the people who were going to sell us the marijuana. After we had entered the house and walked into the living room, a fellow walked in and my two companions introduced me to him. The fellow looked at me suspiciously, although I thought we had met once before. I said, "I think we met the other day. I think you called me and we talked to each other on the phone this morning."

He replied, "Yea."

We talked and finally reached the subject of how much marijuana we wanted to buy. One fellow said he wanted a pound and the other fellow said he wanted nine ounces. I had decided to get a half an ounce instead of a third of an ounce. The nine ounces was going to cost $275, but I learned that the pound was only going to cost $300. I quickly figured that if I paid an additional $30 with the fellow who was getting the nine ounces, we could buy a pound. I decided to do that, and said, "Well, just give us two pounds."

The seller then went to a drawer, extracted a sack and handed it to the fellow who had ordered the pound. The seller then went to get the second pound. He stood behind a couch and pulled up a seat of the couch. Standing in front of the couch, I saw what looked like a cloth purse lying under the spot where he had pulled up the seat, and I said, "Is this it."

He picked it up and said, "Yea."

We then began examining both sacks which he had produced for us. Although the first sack seemed to be a little fuller, the fellow who had originally been going to buy a pound seemed to think the marijuana in the second sack was better quality. The marijuana in the second sack was a darker color.

We gave the seller the money. The fellow buying the pound picked up his pound to take, and the second fellow picked up both his and mine. As we left I wondered what would happen if we were caught. Would all of us deny having bought any and blame it on the others? Would each person who was carrying the marijuana just say he was carrying it for someone else?

Just then a man (perhaps 45 years old) wearing a white trench coat came to the door. He scared me because I thought he might be the police. But the fellow in the house knew him and invited him in. Apparently the man was also going to buy some marijuana.

Once we were outside, I was startled to notice a van sitting in front of the house, and sitting in the driver's seat of the van was a highway patrolman. As I started to walk around the van, the patrolman hollered to all of us, "Hey, wait a minute, you."

I then saw another patrolman in the passenger's seat, and off in the distance I could see several more policemen. Obviously they had come to make a drug arrest. I couldn't believe it. The other two fellows with me suddenly began running in different directions. When the highway patrolmen jumped out and began chasing them, I stood petrified, wondering whether I should run. After thinking, I realized I didn't have any marijuana on me, but I was still unsure whether I could be found guilty of anything, since I had bought some. I continued trying to decide whether to run. 

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