Dream of: 07 May 1984 "Planning The Future"

My girlfriend Louise and I had traveled to Portsmouth, Ohio to visit my father and my mother. We were in the Gay Street House and were lying together on the floor in a downstairs room where a television seemed to be playing. Louise had one of her legs wrapped around mine. She was wearing a dress and my leg was pushing up under her dress a little.

Eva (my secretary in the Waco Law Office) also seemed to be in the room over to the side. Although Louise and I weren't being intimate, I thought it must seem a bit odd to Eva to see Louise and me lying together in front of her. But I thought, "I don't care who sees us this close together now. It just doesn't matter."

I still had about four quarters of law school to complete and Louise had about six to complete. I began talking about transferring to another law school; I was thinking about transferring to the law school at The Ohio State University since I thought it would definitely be better than Baylor Law School.

I discarded that idea, however, and began thinking I wanted to go somewhere in Europe. I wasn't exactly sure, but thought I would go to either Germany or France. I would like to go to Paris, but going to Germany wouldn't be bad, maybe Berlin. Even if I went to some smaller town in Germany, German universities were very good.

Louise and I were having quite a long discussion because she was unsure she wanted to go to Europe. I began describing the advantages to her and I told her maybe she could just go there for a couple quarters to study and then return to Baylor to finish up. At least we could live in Europe a while. But she protested and was still unsure she wanted to go to Europe.

I didn't want to go without her. I began thinking about what it would be like if I were to go to Europe and study for three months while leaving her behind at Baylor. I would probably begin missing her after the first week and would be miserable the whole time I was there.

We continued talking and I began to realize she would have a rather difficult time learning the language. But I figured if she would quickly learn a language she would soon be able to go to the classes and understand everything. It could all work out quite well.

It seemed we had already married. At least I realized we were somehow permanently attached to each other. Finally Louise said, "Well, I just don't think that we ought to go over there. Well, this is a new idea that you've come up with. And you didn't tell me about this before."

I replied, "Now Louise you know that that has been a pinpoint of my ambition for the past ten years, to go to Europe and live over there."

She knew it was. She stuck out her tongue at me as if she were trying to avoid the subject, but she knew she had already made the agreement with me to go. Now she was trying to back out. I continued, "And you agreed to it before we got into this."

She made statements like, "I did not agree."

But she knew that she had agreed and that there was no way out. So she basically acquiesced.

My mother came downstairs while my father remained upstairs. My mother said she was going to go across the street to Krogers. Louise walked out and went with my mother.

I myself walked out onto the porch. It was very cold and I wasn't wearing a coat. The church across the street looked quite beautiful. It was made of red bricks and had some colorful stained glass windows in it. I walked across the street and looked back at the House, which appeared very nice also. It also had some red brick and colored windows in it. Both the House and church looked very neat. I thought vines probably grew on them in the summer, but since it was now winter, all the vines had been cut away. No leaves were there to obstruct the view.

I was glad Louise had finally been able to see the House. I thought my father must be proud of the House and I thought it would be nice to take a picture of it.

I walked back onto the porch and as I walked along it, I began counting my steps and thinking how nice it would be to have a house with such a large porch.

I noticed I had left the door open and I realized a lot of heat must be escaping from inside. I walked back in, where it was warm, and thought it must be even warmer upstairs, because the thermostat was in the downstairs room where I was. Since the door had been open and cold air had been coming into that room, more heat would be used upstairs. If my father were to come down and see the open door, he would have probably been upset. 

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