Dream of: 04 May 1984 "Quicksand"

I was in a rather shabby little house with some people who were apparently my grandparents. A garage with a dirt floor was attached to the house. I stood in the garage talking to a woman who apparently was my grandmother. Some other people were also there. My girlfriend Louise also seemed to be there talking, although she was rather indistinct.

My grandmother told me that she no longer lived in the house and that she and my grandfather lived back in the woods in another house. She said that they had a television in the other house and that they traveled back and forth between the houses. I told her it seemed to be a long way to have to walk between the houses. Since I knew they had a riding lawn mower, I suggested she ride it back and forth.

It seemed as if the house we were in had been there a long time. I took a stick, began scraping it around in the black dirt floor of the garage and found an old pair of eye brow tweezers.

I began thinking all kinds of little treasures might be found in the dirt and I began grubbing around. Suddenly I turned up a round green marble which was about two centimeters in diameter. I thought I was really beginning to find treasure and said, "Look what I found."

My friend Jon was also there. He had been doing some work on some papers which involved a musical composer and he gave them to me.

I continued digging and digging in the dirt, which had the consistency of loose cinders; I dug up quite a large area. Finally, since the dirt was so soft, I thought I would fool everyone and act as if I were sinking in quicksand. I stood up in the dirt and began going down, still holding the papers Jon had given me. When I sank down to my waist, I couldn't go down farther standing up. So I began sitting down, although from above it still looked as if I were sinking in quicksand.

I sunk down farther until finally I went all the way under so my head was covered; I thought perhaps a little bit of my hair was still sticking up. I thought everyone would think that I had sunk in the dirt and that I would never return; but I was still able to breath under the dirt and heard someone up above say, "Well, look. The dirt is moving. You can see he's still breathing."

I could tell they could tell by the moving I was still under there. I thought I needed to take a deep breath and then be very still so they would think I had sunk away into the dirt.

Finally, however, I rose back out of the dirt. I still had the papers in my hand and they had some sooty dust on them. As I began wiping off the dust, I suddenly realized I was in the Waco Law Office. A legal client, Mr. Garret, walked in. I had been supposed to be preparing something for him and told him I did not know whether it was ready yet. I had given it to the word processor operator, Karen Hicks, to do and I did not know if she had finished it.

He handed me a check for $223 for a tip for Karen. I looked at it, was very surprised and said, "I'll give it to her. That ought to speed her up some."

He and I then walked into the hall toward the elevator. Karen came out and began talking to us, but Garrett did not say anything about the check. Garrett left and Karen and I walked into her office. She then saw the check and her name on it. She wanted it and I wanted to give it to her, but I also wanted to hug her. We walked into the next office and I held the check as if I wanted to hug her before giving it to her. I thought it would be very enjoyable to hold her in my arms for a few minutes. 

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