Dream of: 02 May 1984 (2) "In The Swimming Pool"

I was in one end of a large swimming pool. Looking toward the other, I saw Louise standing in water up to her waist next to the edge of the pool. She was wearing a bikini bottom but she wasn't wearing a top. A fellow sat down on the edge of the pool and put his arm around her. From where I was, it looked as if he had reached around with his hand and had begun feeling one of her breasts. She didn't seem to be resisting.

I sat up on the edge of the pool at my end; a black-haired fellow who appeared to be around 25 sat down beside me and began talking about Louise. He asked me what I thought about her talking with other men like that and letting them feel her breasts. I told him it bothered me somewhat, but I wasn't terribly upset about it. We continued talking a while.

Soon I looked back and saw Louise was no longer where she had been. I looked down into the water close to where we were and saw her lying flat on the bottom under the water with her eyes open. The fellow with me also saw her. He suddenly jumped in the water and pulled her to the surface. I wasn't worried about her because I knew she was OK. When he pulled her up she had her eyes open and was clearly OK.

The fellow swam off. I went to Louise, began talking with her and I asked, "Why have you been letting these men in here pinch your nipples."

At the same time, I put my arms around her and began feeling her breasts. We talked and I learned that apparently the men had been bothering her. She let them feel her breasts, but she didn't let them go any further and she wasn't at all interested in them.

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