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Dream of: 02 May 1984 "A Terrible Fall"

A tall, black-haired girl and I were taking some kind of course in artificial respiration; as we talked with each other, we began practicing on each other. We didn't begin with mouth to mouth. Instead, she first held up her hand folded to look like a mouth. I put my mouth against it and acted as if I were giving artificial respiration. She then did the same thing to my hand.

We finally decided to try with our mouths, even though we realized we were becoming involved in something more than artificial respiration.

I began thinking about Louise and wondered whether I should continue. I knew if the girl and I went much further, we would end up having sex together; I began thinking that would break Louise's heart. I remembered Louise having recently said to me, "Can you imagine what it would be like if you were to be unfaithful to me?"

She had been referring to how heart-broken she would be and how she would definitely end up leaving me.

I was reaching the point where I would have to make a decision. Even what I had already done was terrible, although I could probably get by with that; but I couldn't go any further.

The girl then left and I went into a large house which apparently was used by some college students. I wanted to sit here by myself and think about the situation. It was night. I hadn't been here long when I looked outside and saw a car full of college students pull up. At first I thought I would stay in the house even though they were coming inside; but then I decided I didn't want to talk with a bunch of college students.

I walked to the back of the house and crawled out the window. I was on an upper story. Below me was a stack of crates about fifteen meters high and not far from that was the roof of the back porch. I jumped onto the crates, intending to then jump onto the roof of the porch. But the crates began tumbling and as I fell through the air, I saw the ground coming up toward me. I knew I was probably going to be seriously injured and thought, "This is going to be a terrible fall when I finally hit."

I began to prepare myself and suddenly lost consciousness, apparently from the impact of hitting the ground. Slowly I began waking up and realized I had hit the ground and had been injured. 

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