Dream of: 29 April 1984 (2) "Balloon Losing Air"

I was in the practice court room at Baylor Law School. The room was filled with students. Two fellows with longish hair walked in and sat over to the side. It seemed as if the other people in the room were trying to impress the two fellows with something. It seemed as if the people in the room were trying to show the two fellows how liberal things here were. It also seemed as if a rock concert was in progress in the room. And it seemed as if quite a few people in the room were long haired people who might be found at rock concerts. But many were still straight type of people who went to law school at Baylor.

At different times, people would jump onto the stage in front of the room and began screaming and yelling, just like someone might do at a rock concert.

Someone began walking up and down the rows and gave a balloon (yellow balloons and blue balloons) to each person. The balloons still had to be blown up. They were around 30 centimeters long. I was given one. I blew it up and tied the end of it. I noticed my balloon seemed to have a hole in it, because it began losing air. I tied the other end of the balloon, but it continued to go down. So then I tied the first end again, but it still kept going down.

The fellow next to me had three balloons and I became disappointed because mine was going down and I didn't have another one. 

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