Dream of: 29 April 1984 "At The Barber Shop"

Louise and I walked into a barber's shop where I was going to get my hair cut. I had been in the barber shop once about a month before. Two barber chairs were in the room and two barbers were standing by them. The last time I had been here it had been quite crowded; but this time no one except the barbers was here. After asking for permission, I sat down in one of the chairs.

I said to the barber, "Do you take master charge or American express?"

He answered, "No."

I said, "Oh, I'll have to look in my billfold. I don't know if I'll have enough money. I don't know if I have five dollars."

But then he said, "Oh yea, we do take master charge."

He pulled out his little machine for taking the card; he said he had forgotten it. Apparently he didn't use it much. It was then I realized the haircut here would probably cost ten dollars. It had been another barber's where it had cost me five dollars.

The barber (about 35 years old) was slender and had very black, wavy hair. He asked me how I wanted my hair done. At the moment it was cut straight across the front. I told him I just wanted it trimmed up a little.

He asked if I wanted my hair cut the way his hair was. He let his hair drop down in front to show me it was much longer on the right side than on the left. On the right side it dropped down below his eye, and tapered up across the front so it was above his eye on the left. When he combed it in front, his hair looked quite good. He told me I should have my hair styled like his.

Louise was sitting there, and seemed to agree him. I likewise thought I agreed with him. I told him I had been to another barber about two weeks before who had cut my hair the way it was now. But maybe it would be better to start cutting my hair the way this barber's was. He then began cutting my hair. 

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