Dream of: 25 April 1984 "Vicious Creature"

Some other men and I were investigating the death of some women in a city. We had worked on the project a long time, but were still unsure what was killing the women. It appeared some kind of created creature, rather than an actual man, was killing the women. Finally about five of us tracked the creature down to a field which contained many plants which we chopped with machetes as we moved along. I asked someone what kind of plants we were cutting down, but the person didn't know. They looked somewhat like tobacco plants to me. We continued down the rows of plants, chopping them down.

Finally we began hearing a moaning or groaning sound in the field. A brown creature appeared in one of the rows. It was as tall as a man, had short, brown fur all over it and looked something like a kangaroo. It also reminded me somewhat of a tyrannosaurus rex, only its head was smaller. It was also wearing headphones on its head and it looked as if it had probably been created by man.

When it began walking toward us, we were standing in an open part of the field and we all dispersed in five directions. At the same time it grabbed two of the men and held them in its vice-like grip. When the two men began screaming for help, the rest of us turned around and ran back to them.

Meanwhile the creature began looking more and more like a large man. It was talking now and was planning to squeeze the two men to death. We tried to pry the creature's hands loose from the men, but the grip was too tight. Finally we decided to try to just chop the hands off. We said, "We're going to chop your hands off.

The creature responded, "That won't make any difference. I'll still kill them. The radiation will kill them."

I didn't know what he meant.

One of the men with me moved close to the creature. Around the creature's arm was a metal band, and the man's lower jaw began to be pulled toward the man's metal band because the band was a magnet pulling on the fillings in the man's teeth. The man managed to back off and chopped off the creatures right hand with his machete. The hand opened, thereby setting the man free who was being held in that hand. Then the man with the machete chopped off the creature's left hand, and that hand opened, setting free the man held by that hand.

The creature just stood there with its hands cut off. 

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