Dream of: 24 April 1984 (2) "Picking Mangos"

I was in a review class in some kind of law school. The class was being held in a field where some tables had been set up. Some farm laborers were in the field and I could see rows of plants which had been planted here. The plants were about five centimeters high. I was afraid the plants were going to be tramped down by all the people here, although it seemed as if people were being careful.

I finally found a table with people sitting at it and I sat down. I was careful when I pulled out my chair not to get in one of the rows of plants. As I opened up a notebook which I had with me, I heard some people say some revisions were being made in the notebook. I stated that the revisions had already been made before the notebooks had been handed out.

The tables were similar to those in a cafeteria. Indeed, someone brought out some shrimp and put it on the tables and I began eating some of the shrimp.

I looked around and saw trees growing. As I looked across the field, I saw a tree which appeared to have green fruit growing on it. It looked as if peaches were growing in one tree, and something different in another. I said to the fellow next to me, "Those are cucumbers up there in that tree. No not cucumbers. I mean mangos."

I thought I could see large, green mangos in the tree. Some mangos appeared to be in a tree next to some peach trees, and some mangos appeared to be in a tree farther away. The tree next to the peach tree appeared to be quite weather-beaten and had jagged limbs. It was probably ten centimeters in diameter at the base.

The fellow next to me didn't think the fruit was mangos, but I was sure they were mangos. We made a bet, with me betting they were mangos. I said, "Well, I think I'll go over there and pick one."

One farm workers was a Mexican and he was standing behind me speaking Spanish. I walked over to him and began speaking Spanish with him. That made me feel rather important, because I thought people could then see that I spoke Spanish. I said, "Puedo me tomar un mango del arbol por alla."

He answered, "No, no se puede por que el dueno de la casa es en Dallas hoy."

I said, "Hay otro que puede me decir."

He replied, "No."

He then walked away. I happened to know who the owner of the place was, and I thought I would go and ask him myself. I went to a phone, because I knew his house was about two kilometers away. When I tried to call, no one answered, and I became worried about him. I knew he had a pool and thought he might have drowned. I found someone else and together we went to where the owner of the property lived. Indeed he was in the pool under the water, but just as we arrived he surfaced.

The other person and I began talking to him, and I asked him if I could pick some of the mangos. He said it would be fine and there wouldn't be any problem with that. 

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