Dream of: 18 April 1984 "Living With Bears"

While in the living room of the House in Patriot, I looked out the front window and was surprised to see a large black bear and some other furry animals running around. I ran from the living room into the kitchen, closed the door behind me and told some people in the kitchen, "There's a bear out there."

When something began pressing on the other side of the door between the kitchen and the living room, I realized the bear had entered the living room and was now trying to push its way into the kitchen where I was. Finally the bear pushed the door open and three little bear cubs ran into the room. The large black bear also came into the room and climbed up on the kitchen table.

A man whom I knew followed the bear into the room and began talking with me. He told me he lived with the bear and the cubs in a cave in the woods. I was quite impressed. Apparently the man had just moved off into the woods and begun staying there. He had now just come out of the woods to visit a while.

One cub seemed weaker than the others and when it came near me, I picked it up and held it in my arms. When I asked the man if I could keep it, he told me I could. He also told me not to worry about the big bear.

Finally another large bear also came into the room. As the bears stood around the room, the man assured me they weren't dangerous. Finally the man and all the bears except the cub I was still holding walked back outside and began getting into a car. Before the man got into the car, he held out his hand, which was holding a lot of money. At first I thought he was going to give the money to me, but he didn't. He was merely holding it there.

I really admired the man. I thought it was great he would go out into the woods like that and live in a cave. 

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