Dream of: 17 April 1984 "Monopoly"

It was 7 p.m. and I had just returned home to Louise from work. Although I had a large number tasks I needed to accomplish this evening, I suddenly decided I would like to play a game of monopoly with Louise. I remembered Louise had told me she was an excellent monopoly player; but I didn't believe her and thought I would like to play against her to test her. I stopped and wondered whether it would be better if just she and I played, or whether we should have a third person play with us.

I hollered into the next room, where Louise was, and asked her if she wanted to play monopoly. She responded that she did. She came into the room where I was and we spread out the board. We put our pieces on the board, gave ourselves some money and began the game. I was quite excited at the prospect of playing and thought I was going to enjoy myself.

Instead of using two dice we decided to use four dice. Louise rolled the dice and began moving her piece; but I noticed she didn't seem to know what she was doing, and I told her to stop. She did so and we began all over, with me rolling the dice this time. I rolled four sixes. I stopped, thought, and finally said, "You realize since we're using four dice, it's going to be more difficult to roll doubles. So we'll be able to move twice fewer times."

I first moved my piece twelve spaces, and then moved it again twelve spaces, which put my piece on the yellow colored property of Marvin Gardens. The price of the property was $260. I wanted to buy the property and without hesitating a moment began counting out the money.

The money in the bank was in a box to my right sitting on a small wire tray. After I had counted out the money to buy the property, I put it in the bank. As I did so, I pulled up the stack of green twenties in the bank and saw some of the yellow hundreds mixed in them. They were in quite a mess.

The titles to the various properties were scattered to my left. I said to Louise, "One of us is going to have to take care of the bank, and one of us is going to have to take care of the properties."

To myself I thought, "Since she likes handling money so well, she'd probably rather take care of the money."

I then saw Louise had rolled the dice and had rolled a seven. She moved her piece so it was sitting on two spaces at the same time, one of which was Connecticut Avenue. I asked, "What's that?"

She smiled and seemed quite childlike. She seemed to be enjoying herself, although it appeared she didn't fully understand the game. It seemed as if she weren't even sure how to move her piece around the board. She definitely didn't seem experienced at the game. Finally she scooted her piece completely onto Connecticut Avenue.

We continued rolling and moving. Once when I rolled, one of the dice was cocked. I said, "Whenever the dice is cocked, we have to roll them again."

We continued again and once again I rolled a cocked die. Since there were so many dice, I began thinking, "Maybe we should change that rule, and whenever there's one that's cocked, just throw that one again."

As we continued moving, I noticed that besides not knowing how to move, Louise wasn't buying any property. She was finally almost all the way around the board and was about to pass Go. Her whole strategy was apparently going to be to try to keep passing Go and accumulating more money. I thought how she simply didn't have the concept of the game, which was to continue buying property in order to obtain monopolies. Otherwise the game could continue forever. The game was won by creating monopolies, building on the property and then driving the other person into bankruptcy.

I rolled again, went around Go and landed on a space called Broadway Station on the first side of the board. Suddenly I realized I was dreaming. I stopped and thought about it a moment and was unsure whether I was still dreaming or whether I had already awakened. I thought, "Where am I in the dream."

I knew I had just landed on Broadway Station. It seemed as if I were faced with an important decision whether I should buy Broadway Station. I thought about the meaning of the word "Broadway." Immediately, without hesitation, I decided to buy the property. I also concluded there was some important meaning to my purchasing something on Broadway.

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