Dream of: 15 April 1984 "Texas Rattlesnakes"

fear of serpents is

healthy for those who wish to

continue living

I entered a room where my sister and my father were sitting and watching a television show. As I sat down, my sister told me they were watching a documentary which described how the movie The Beginning had been produced. I had already heard about this movie, which involved the same story-line as the movie The Exorcist. However, although The Beginning had been filmed long after The Exorcist, the time and setting of The Beginning actually preceded the time and setting of The Exorcist. Since The Beginning (like The Exorcist) was supposed to be quite scary, I thought I would enjoy watching a documentary describing how the movie had been produced. Interested, I also began watching the show with my sister and my father.

The first scene of the documentary showed a man driving a horse and cart on a country dirt road. When the clomping horse suddenly faltered and fell, the man jumped from the cart, picked up a long heavy club and savagely clubbed the animal, until the horse finally appeared to have expired. The poor horse's legs stuck out into the air while the gruff, belligerent man stood victoriously over it. His vicious task completed, the man returned to his cart (to which two other healthy horses were hitched) and drove off.

The next scene was an aerial view, with the camera looking down from above to another cart being pulled by man-like creatures. The creatures' forms were indistinct, but they appeared to be covered with ape-like hair. Something ominous and foreboding shadowing the scene caused me to become increasingly agitated.

However, I was beginning to detect one theme of the show. The question was whether God caused men to act the way they do. Or stated another way did God control men's lives and their actions? I thought if God did control men's lives, then there could be no guilt. If God was responsible for man's actions, man could not be guilty of anything.

My father, who was also watching the show, abruptly spoke up and snapped me out of my reverie. He began talking about how modern man did not have enough survival training. I thought that I had to agree with him. I recalled having once read about a man who had gone completely nude into the wilderness and had lived there for over a year. I was intrigued by the concept, and I wondered if I myself should try to survive a while in the wilderness. Where could I go to accomplish such a goal? Texas would be too dangerous because of so many rattlesnakes. I would be afraid to walk barefoot in the buff over Texas wasteland.

I thought about the area near my sturdy one-room log Cabin which I had once built on the Gallia County Farm. The area around the Cabin was secluded and tucked away in the forest. That might be a good place to try some survival training. If I really wanted survival training, however, I would have to stay in the forest and not in the Cabin.

Excited by the idea, I suggested to my father that he and I spend a week trying to survive in the forest, but he said he was not interested. 

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