Dream of: 10 April 1984 "Escaping Communism"

I was temporarily in a foreign country where the people were oriental. I left the country by sneaking out through a fence and along a railroad tracks going across a large dam into the United States. Afterwards, I decided I wanted to help other people sneak out of the country. So I stayed there quite a while helping people through the fence and across the dam into the United States. It gave me a thrill.

Sometimes as we went along the railroad tracks along the dam, we had to hurry to beat the train. One day as I was helping a couple women along the tracks, one of the women (who was oriental and about 30 years old) was having difficulty and kept faltering. Finally I picked her up and carried her.

While doing this, I momentarily realized I was dreaming. I began wondering if I should view what was happening as a sign that I should use the law to help people legally escape from communist countries. It gave me such pleasure to do that. I thought about how the process of my helping all those people into the United States was going to help strengthen the United States because these were people who were going to appreciate the meaning of freedom.

When I finally made it to the other side of the dam with the woman, she was having difficulty breathing and looked as if she might be pregnant. She could hardly make it.

I was also a medical doctor and I realized the woman had recently had an operation. I tore her shirt open and looked at the scars on her stomach from the operation. Just by looking at the nature of the cut which had been made on her, I could tell that whoever had done it had been negligent. I told another man who was with me that someone had negligently operated on the woman. At first he didn't believe me. He thought the doctor on the other side couldn't have possibly done that.

Meanwhile, the woman was almost ready to stop breathing. I thought we were gong to have to operate on her right now. I had a small straw ready to stick in her mouth to help her breathe if she stopped. Suddenly she did stop breathing and I said to an assistant who was with me, "All right, it's go."

I stuck the straw into the woman's mouth. I thought we were going to have to perform artificial respiration on her. I thought I was going to have to operate on her immediately. I knew it would be dangerous, but I thought she would die if we didn't act immediately. 

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