Dream of: 09 April 1984 "Scruffy Boy"

I was in New Boston walking in the direction of Portsmouth, when I came to a beautiful bridge newly constructed of light-colored brown lumber. I walked across the bridge and then came to a second bridge of the same nature as the first bridge. A large wall along the side of the bridge prevented the railroad tracks underneath the bridge from being seen. The bridges had no sidewalks and I had to walk along on a little curb on the bridge. That fact caused me to infer the bridges had been constructed by the railroad companies. I thought the railroad companies thought they had no duty to provide sidewalks on the bridges.

When I reached the other side, I was in the area of Gallia Street and the Rosemount Hill Road. I went into a house and went into the upstairs. Several people were there and a scruffy dirty boy (about 3 years old) caught my attention. His face was blackened as if from coal. I felt sorry for him. It was as if he had never had a chance in the world. He was talking to some people and finally said his name was "Steve Collier." I was surprised he would have the same name as me. I thought it would be interesting to talk with him for a while and find out more about him.

Instead, since I wanted to get to Portsmouth, I went outside and left. Although Portsmouth was about six or seven kilometers away, I decided I was going to run all the way. When I began running, I realized I was wearing big brogan shoes and a heavy coat. So I took off the coat and brogans and decided to run barefoot, even though I thought it might bruise my feet.

When I began running, the wind was blowing so hard against me, I could hardly move. I began thinking, "Well if I would just run the other way, the wind would be with me and I would be able to move quite fast."

So I decided to run the other way just to see what it would be like. I turned around and began running. The wind was so strong, it grabbed me and pulled me up high into the air. Floating along, I looked down and became a bit apprehensive. I thought if I dropped the shoes and coat which I was still carrying, it would give me more weight and I would be able to fall to the ground. I dropped them, but almost immediately I realized I had made a mistake. I should have held on to them because they had actually been giving me weight.

Although it was perilous floating about 20 meters off the ground, I was also exhilarated by being up in the air like that. 

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